Thursday, March 12, 2009

36 Possible Team Names For a New Baseball League

Everyone wants to be Bill Shea, if not Charles Weeghman. I was bored in a meeting, so I came up with some names for my new baseball league, the Galaxy League, so named for the dimensions it will some day take. (The first expansion team of our interplanetary move in 2040? Obviously, the Mercury Mets.

Most of these names are new, others are brought back from obscurity to where they belong, a different kind of obscurity. Enjoy.

Louisiana Lookouts
Indianapolis Clowns
Providence Grays
Portland (Me.) Islands
New Hampshire Minutemen (voted in, over Primaries)

Atlanta Flames
Charleston Gentlemen
Oklahoma City Barons (or, if they pilfer this franchise, Robber Barons)
Chicago Untouchables
Philadelphia Brawlers

Kansas City Monarchs
Albany Senators
Seattle Poseidons
Utah Bees
Brooklyn Robins (pretty awesome naming reason: if Terry wins another flag, can we play as the Boston Titos for a day?)

Albuquerque Gauchos
Edmonton Explorers
New Haven Winchesters (most NRA-friendly team name since the Houston Colt .45s)
Phoenix Rising
Las Vegas Silver

San Francisco Bullitts
St. Louis Continentals
Boston Militia
Miami Marinas
Houston Planets
Dallas Sheriffs

Memphis Pharaohs
New York Empires
New Orleans Satchmos (why not? everything else in N.O. is already named after Louis.)
Vancouver Black Wolves
Ottawa Owls
New Jersey Generals
San Antonio Defenders
Los Angeles Agents
San Diego Missions

Minneapolis New Power Generation

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