Monday, June 1, 2009

Rejected Lineups

Francona came up with a good lineup to bring the offense briefly back to life. Here are a few not that good ones.

The Get It Over With (aka, The Seppuku)

1. Ortiz DH
2. Green SS
3. Varitek C
4. Ellsbury CF
5. Drew RF (for lefty-lefty stacking)
6. Pedroia 2B
7. Youkilis 1B
8. Lowell 3B
9. Bay LF

The Keep it on the DL (Damaged Lineup)

1. Lugo 2B
2. Lowrie 3B
3. Baldelli CF
4. Carter 1B
5. Ortiz DH
6. Kotsay LF
7. Brown C
8. Van Every RF
9. Velazquez SS

The Tito Been Watching Too Many Baseball Movies

1. Hayes, Willie Mays CF
2. Bailey, Bartholmew "Bump" LF
3. Hobbs, Roy DH

4. Serrano, Pedro RF
5. Chambers, Emory "Champ" 3B
6. (Unknown Second Basemen Never Shown in Major Leagues I-III), 2B
7. Bud, Air 1B
8. Pearson, Bruce C
9, Eckstein, David SS (From The David Eckstein Story, a harrowing story of an untalented athlete whose ego, inflated by fans' love of his littleness and his whiteness, led to terrible drunken repercussions after the glory was gone. Coming in 2015. Screenwriter, J. Drimmer.)

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