Monday, December 10, 2007

Exit Scott "Gasoline" Proctor, Enter Latroy "Benzene" Hawkins.

Yep. Real good signing there, Yanks. This one'll go over well with a fandom that actually believes in clutch. If only Joe Borowski were available, you could corner the market on iffy ex-Cub relievers.

Some must be wondering about the nickname. Well, the original Gasoline's gone to L.A. to rack up the pitcher abuse points on the back of Joe Torre, but the new one's been doing plenty of hackworth in ol' Scott's place. It's hard to say who will play the role of Polystyrene this early, although my money's on Edwar.

Benzene + Gasoline + Polystrene = NAPALM.

Merry Christmas, Bronx.

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