Wednesday, March 12, 2008

13 DAYS TO OPENING DAY: Things could be better.

With just a week to go of a Japan-trip truncated spring training, the #1 and #2 starters from last year's playoff rotation for the Sox are down, Schill with a shoulder that mysteriously lacked shoulder contents (team physical be damned), Beckett with a balky back.

Nothing else really stands out that strongly from spring training for the Sox so far, unless you were a Kolbamaniac or magically expected Daisuke not to be throwing 17 pitches an inning. Ellsbury has struggled some, but Coco has barely played. Craig Hansen has kinda sucked, but Papelbon has been sharp and Delcarmen has been sharper. The offense has kinda sucked at scoring runs, but split-split-squad lineup numbers shouldn't be taken seriously.

Not at seriously as I've ended up letting myself take them in these times I didn't bury my head in the sand to hide from spring box scores, anyway.

I hate spring training, truth be told, and am happy the Sox are having a short one this year. The bad news that comes from it is deceptive, the good news is deceptive, and only the injuries can matter. Josh Beckett's back is balky, ergo, I'm not fully happy with the spring results so far.

At least the grill's back on and the taps are working again. Free Pennant Ale for everyone.

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