Thursday, May 7, 2009

(Another empty speculation on the Manny Ramirez news.)

What we know:

--Xavier Paul is a-coming to the majors. Get excited, L.A.!
--Manny claims this was a personal thing.
--It wasn't a steroid.
--He tested positive for it in Spring Training...and kept using it?
--It was something a Miami doctor gave Manny.
--The NL West sucks. The Diamondbacks I picked to make the World Series haven't shown up this year. This makes the division interesting, but it doesn't make it of any real interest to outsiders.
--Frank McCourt is considering using the $8 million he just got back to buy Oil Can Boyd, Rich Garces, and any other former Red Sox he hasn't signed yet. He ain't happy about it, though.

What don't know, but might be so:

--Some left fielder's doctor is about to be slapped with a lawsuit.
--Manny just being randy and dumb? Possible.
--Manny being masky? Also possible. Them Game of Shadows boys say so, anyway.
--Both possible? Well, it isn't easy to bone when your body ain't making testosterone. And estrogen isn't exactly a mass-marketed alternative to Viagra.
--A lot of shrill, stupid conversations will go on. Red Sox will make universal defensive statements, especially David Ortiz. Colin Cowherd will continue his descent into rings of hell they're actually still building. The Post will come up with a headline that is funny at first, and then progressively less so at each succeeding view. There will be talk, talk, talk.
--If this unwinds in a certain direction, you get the whole package, including a sketchily-written book next spring training. (Unless Jeff Perlman writes it, in which case I'm buying it.)
--And if it goes that way, the whole of Manny's Red Sox years will be tarnished with a thick, gray-green patina of doubt.
--But we don't know where this is going. Which is why I'd rather not be yet another windbag until I have a little more dust to blow around.

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