Thursday, May 14, 2009

(In the time it took me to write this title, Daniel Bard struck you out on three pitches.)

I'd say it's not supposed to be this easy, Daniel, but I know it hasn't been easy. 2007 alone is the sort of season some top prospects never come out of, but you have, and goddamn if you haven't come out better for it.

Papelbon's fastball has that peculiar arm action and wiggle; yours is pure explosion, and the secondary stuff last night wasn't looking bad either.

One day, maybe not that far away, when you're pitching in the 8th, with Ramirez in the 7th, Okajima/Delcarmen in the 6th, and Masterson ready to do whatever, we will have a team that can handle a shutout yet shaky five innings from a Matsuzaka, or, yes, a Clay Bucholz. One strikeout in two innings, one walk, one hit, and a lot of really bewildered looking swings: chops, pops, and just one inherited runner scored.

Taking a 4-0 lead and losing 8-4 couldn't normally be considered a good night. But it clearly wasn't the Red Sox's night. It was yours. And we want more.

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