Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Give up no runs, lose no games.

Good time for a goose egg; better time (bottom of the 8th) for the only offense the Sox could muster off stingy Minnie pitching; excellent time to hear David Ortiz is swinging (hard) pain-free; best time to start the easy conversion for Justin Masterson into the bullpen. (Easier than the alternative of bullpen to starter, anyway, not that Yankee fans can tell. Seeing Joba's rutabaga-sized mug holding an iced coffee on a poster on the side of my nearest Dunkin' Donuts is still jarring to me every morning, but it also reminds me of how happy I am that he isn't svelte and handsome as well as beloved by the Yankee faithful. Then I wouldn't much like him.)

It's a troubling sign that 7.1 IP is the longest Daisuke has actually gone this season, but it was excellent pitching, followed by Okajima and Papelbon pitching in their '07 fashion, so let's just consider it one to build on. We'll see if the shoulda-been All-Star can keep it rolling.

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