Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Born, December 15, 1967; Norwalk, CT.

Introductory statements to begin blogs are fairly silly, particularly in how little anyone wants to read them. My name is Josh. I sometimes post in a different blog. This is a Red Sox blog, generally, hopefully less Masshole and more light-hearted than the usual. It's called Vaughn's Bar and Grill because these assholes took the address I wanted originally, and because Mo Vaughn largely made me a Red Sox fan, in 1993. I still hate Dan Duquette. David Ortiz is his second coming, only David Ortiz is a slightly better first baseman. (As in, in the field.) I also once had an idea for a TV show called Vaughn's that would be, like, the Black Cheers, with Mo as owner, working the bar. It would have a retro soul theme song, maybe something by Eddie Kendricks.

Enough. Let's GO-GO-GO!

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