Monday, March 26, 2007

(Uncontrollable laughter.)

The Chien-Ming Wang injury (it's too bad, by the way, that an export of Chinese Taipei ends up with a name reminiscent of Shaq's infamous "ching chang chong" comments) has reduced the Yankees to this. I can't imagine the Yankees are feeling quite as good about the Randy Johnson trade right now. Phillip Hughes looked nowhere near ready for the majors before he was sent down to minor league camp. I can feel the screaming April headlines already as the Yankees start 3-5 or worse.

Carl Pavano, one may recall, has given the Red Sox many gifts over the years.

Helping to defeat the Yankees in the 2003 World Series, taking some of the taste of blood out of my mouth that horrible October.

Starting a game against the Red Sox in the same year where he gave up 6 runs without recording an out as the Red Sox scored 11 before the first out was recorded (a then-girlfriend of mine got to go to the game; I was so jealous when she called after the 1st inning that I had a brief fantasy of breaking up with her over this; I didn't.)

He dated Alyssa Milano, which gave us the brief joy of saying Pavano-Milano.

He's made the Sox feel almost good for throwing away their 2005 starter money on Matt Clement instead of him by failing to, you know, pitch at all.

Most of all, he helped change the future of the Red Sox franchise. You know, not on his own middling-at-best attributes in terms of stuff, demeanor, and ability to avoid buttocks injuries, but simply being one of the two prospects the Red Sox gave up for Pedro Martinez.

And now he gets to send the Yankees off on the good foot. Provided someone else drives him to the Stadium.

Quoth LL Cool J:

"Uncontrollable laughter."
(The end of this video is the laughter I'm talking about. I feel like I woke up and broke into a safe full of girls in bikinis this morning.)
[Update: apparently the laughter was clipped off this video. Doesn't exactly change the amazingness of it though.]

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