Wednesday, April 4, 2007

I hear colors. (They sound like album filler by REO Speedwagon.)

Although Paul Lukas might hate purple a lot more than me, he makes some interesting observations on the Uni Watch blog today about the atrocity of baseball alternate uniforms. Sure, home whites and road grays can be boring when not done well, but it's true: we are nearing the day of having our athletes look like they are wearing candy shells. Gary Sheffield ain't melting in your mouth or your hands, damnit.

But in his fury over the Purple v. Red (Rockies v. D-Backs) clash, Lukas sort of only sort of passes over a battle of AL West rivals. It reminded me of certain less civil battles a couple other West Coast rivals like to have. Compare/contrast this with this. Westssside!

It's like the white and gray uniforms have melted away, and I'm freaking out, man.

Oh, I was going to give this its own post, but I may as well put this one down: an early candidate for worst sports/pop cultural collision of 2007, from ESPN's baseball preview:

"Yes, the Tigers shocked the baseball world last season, but there was still something missing: a middle-of-the-order guy who could dent outfield walls and make consistent contact. So the addition of Gary Sheffield is as natural as Fergie joining the Black Eyed Peas."

Look, I don't like Gary Sheffield. But if not pissing yourself on-stage is clutch, Sheffield is clutch, Fergie is not. Sheffield is a Tiger. Fergie is a Cleveland Spider. The Sports Guy is tired; ESPN's other writers trying to ape their own Sports Guy reaching for references

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Anonymous said...

rsox07.002: Too many walks, but a HR-free start from Beckett makes the Baby Jesus smile. Still, no cake until he does that in Fenway.

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