Saturday, April 7, 2007

No Context Necessary #1

(A recurring feature of images without captions, but this time, I can't post it proper because the image is too big. Click here. By the way, as I heard a couple Teamsters say in classic New York accents, "Hey, y'know, that Al Gore was right.")

Oh, and for at least the second time this year, "WE WANT BERNIE!" is coming from the stands in Yankee Stadium. The first was just as expected, during the roll call opening day. This one comes as Miguel Cairo is forced to play left field with Matsui out of the game, and no outfielders on the bench. In good news, Yankee fans, future long reliever Kei Igawa made it through five innings, making him the first Yankee starter to do so.

I mean, sure, he gave up seven runs and had no command of his curve, but hey, celebrate good times, I guess. Oh what a bizarre sports anthem "YMCA" is.

(Shakes fist at his bar-mitzvah DJ for not only playing "YMCA" but not having Midnight Marauders on him. Bastard.)

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