Tuesday, May 29, 2007

GAME FIFTY: Chief Knockainsidetheparkhoma.

After a pleasant Memorial Day weekend vacation whupping the Rangers, the Sox are embroiled in a real matchup and possible ALCS preview with the Cleveland Unspecified Native American Tribe, my favorite fictional ballclub. This one got a little more exciting than was desirable as Papelbon was more Papelmédiocre, and it nearly got Papelmauvais. No need to focus on the negative though. Here's the good stuff.

1) Kevin Youkilis is more than just the (Jewish) Greek God of Walks; he's a Manny Ramirez-esque gangsta (near a 1.000 OPS!) and today he is the Greek God of Inside-The-Park Home Run.

2) Curt Schilling got his splitter back. In a way he hasn't since 2002, he claims. Let's party like it's November 2001.

3) Beckett's back, going for 8-0. Oh, you didn't notice he was gone? Fair enough; it hasn't exactly been a struggle without him. As things are, this is not a .700 team; if Lugo and Drew come around (Crisp would be a mere bonus) + Beckett (+Lester?), this very well may be a .700 club with the resistance the AL East is putting up.

4) Brian Cashman is on the hot seat. I can't say how stupid it would be to fire him now, in the middle of replenishing/rebuilding the Yankees. You don't change horses midstream.

The Indians might have to conjure the ghost of Chief Nokahoma to get out of Boston with a win or two. Whomp 'em, Sox.

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