Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Well, that sucked. Who do the Oakland Athletics think they are? Marco Scuturo hits a three-run home run to shatter Mariano's 2007 air of unhittability, and now another some more of the A's team grabbed off the 2/$0.99 rack mounts a rally/blown save by Jon Papelbon. I remember this from the 2003 season, all the way down to the Grady Little-Pedro Martinez game: losing games you've already notched as wins in your mind, sucks. What's with the city of Oakland right now? The Warriors are making their first playoff noise since, like, Run-T.M.C. and well before they took on the Power Rangers logo. I feel like Houdini after his stomach punch. (You know, the one that didn't kill him.) If I recover, I'll post some more today.

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