Wednesday, May 30, 2007

GAME FIFTY-ONE: Itsoweezee (Hot)

Well they are, ain't they? Josh Beckett is undefeatable right now, putting in an impressive outing sans rust. Hideki Okajima continues to bring me joy as an unlikely second closer. Kevin Youkilis (whose blog is up; check the sidebar links) has two hitting streaks going--regular and Jim Rice-ian (tied the should-be Hall Of Famer yesterday with his 8th straight multi-hit And as an added bit of fun, the New York Post is having Yankee-related fun! Compare/contrast:

A) The blonde A-Rod (probably) cheated on his wife with. Picture might not give you the best view, but on the 1-10 scale, she's not exactly Bo Derek.

B) A-Rod with wifey Cynthia from the cl(ass)y Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

Compare: They're both blonde.

Contrast: Cynthia is HOT. Aren't affairs best as an opportunity to cheat with someone nothing like your girl or upgrade?

Man, yesterday the Yankees give up a game by errors and give up their first steal of home since, like, Jackie Robinson in the '55 World Series even the AL home run leader is slumping. I'm feeling a bit of Yankee pity.

No, wait, that's heartburn. Shouldn't have gone with the spicy rice and hot sauce on the halal plate today.

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