Monday, August 6, 2007

Do you know....Coco Crisp? (MAGIC #45)

Did you know...

Covelli Crisp got his nickname from his grandmother (who called him Co, being too near death to waste time with two more syllables) and his sister and godbrother (who were making fun of his ears, reminiscent of the cereal box above)?

He and his wife are either deaf or strongly not English, and his child is paying the cost?

"We were watching Harry Potter, and the girl's name is Hermione. We thought they were saying Amailee. I wrote it down because my wife, Maria, was pregnant. When the credits rolled, we realized we were way off, but Amailee stuck. We even liked it more since it was different than the movie."

As a former New Haven Raven, he is one of too few players/people who still remember the team's existence? And when said team moved to New Hampshire, they nearly went with THIS team name?

His bat is finally starting to catch up with his glove?

Jacoby Ellsbury in his few games in the majors this year has a better VORP than J.D. Drew? (Just happened to find that in seeing Crisp's numbers. His value over any guy off the street, by the way, is a differential of 14.3 runs, not bad considering how he started.)

The prospect we traded for Coco is engulfed in the suck?

He'd like steroids testing to be more like DNA testing on a daytime talk show? (And who WOULDN'T?)

"You ever see Maury Povich, when they're talking about baby daddies and all that kind of stuff?" Crisp said. "They get the lie detector test and they're like, `Are you the father?' That's what they need to do. We need to actually see if they are the father or if they're not the father. The lie detector test."

His father was a boxer nicknamed Sugar Crisp? And his blind diabetic dockworking uncle is known as Post Waffle Crisp Cereal?*

The man in the Moose costume's a dead man?

*One of these ain't true.

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