Monday, August 27, 2007

GAMES 128-131: Bloodied sox.

"Twelve hours of my life I wasted and I'm never gonna get back," said Ozzie Guillen after the BoSox's doubleheader sweep. Said quote was also the highlight of the weekend if you were a White Sox fan; my God, did this team really win the Series in '05? There are sweeps, and then there are series where you let the other team score double-digit runs every game while never scoring more than 3 runs. And that's some My Lai shit. Pass the gauze.

Thanks, Detroit. Tony Massarotti sez the AL East is over, and though it probably is, the coming Sox-Yankees series shouldn't be considered as merely an important series for the AL East's sake. It's an opportunity to help put Seattle in the Wild Card, to see Mets caps rule the city in October, and to see my Yankee fan friends...I can't even fill in that blank. I've seen my
Yankee fan friends in grief, of course, but that grief always at least came in October...what is it like to not make the playoffs 14 years after the last time it didn't happen? (1994 not qualifying as a season.) How will their pinstriped hearts react? Do they sag like heavy loads? Or do they just explode?

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Major Bedhead said...

The White Sox series was embarrassing.

Personally, I'm looking forward to watching Yankees fans implode, explode or simply disappear in a haze of swearing and frustration.

I like your blog - I stumbled across it while looking for a place to eat in New Haven, of all things.

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