Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Sterling Variations: Derek Jeter

Jeter does good:

Don't hate the Jeter, hate the game!

Derek Jeter, world beater!

Derek Jeter, establishing his credentials for this year's Nobel Peace Prize!

Way back, it is GONE! A homerun for Derek Jeter that he probably hit for some kid with cancer!

Derek Jeter, continuing to heal New York's 9/11 wounds while bringing a tear to America's collective eye with his scintillating play! Wow!

Jeter does not do good:

(None. When has THAT happened?)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Derek does do good.
Where have you been? He does toy deliveries at Christmas for sick and dying children, he has numerous programs through his foundation for kids to stay in school and to prevent substance abuse and has opened a Turn 2 rehab center in Tampa for troubled youths. Why is everyone bound and determined to hate this man?

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