Wednesday, July 25, 2007

GAME ???: Getting it together.

Some of the bar's faithful have contacted me on other forms than the comments (hint, hint), disappointed that posting has become a lil' erratic. Forgive me, please: between day job and a rather active night job putting together a first draft of my first brand new full-length play in two years, New Haven and the Problem of Change in the American City, I haven't been able to get to all the stuff I want to write here. And there's a bunch. Like last night's scintillating pitcher's duel (thanks Ben Francisco!); a list of things one can trade for Wily Mo Pena (such as the same quantity of beads the American Indians got for Manhattan, or the proverbial bucket of baseballs); and a did-you-know on Coco Crisp. His father's nickname as a boxer: "SUGAR" CRISP! His daughter's name: a misspelling of what Hermoine Granger's name sounded like from a Harry Potter viewing! His bat right now:

So yeah, I haven't forgotten you all; the bar will probably be open on a more regular basis around August 4th. Until then, enjoy Mo Vaughn Is A Babe.

Hoo'wee. Give me some Mo!

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