Monday, July 2, 2007

@#*! you, Cynthia Rodriguez.

Yeah, I said it. Fuck you, Cynthia Rodriguez, wife of Alex. Reasons:

1) Looking good and letting A-Rod bang cheap-looking wannabe Playmate meat. I've gone over this before: either A-Rod is a big dick or there's something going on in that relationship we don't know or want to know.

1a) It's fun to make fun of the victim.

1b) It's funny because I don't know her.

2) Living in the clean and decent city of New York, never have I heard such language. We are a people of law, good public services, and decency. Won't someone please think of the children?

3) Angry celebrities (angry at celebrity itself?) don't turn out well.

4) Derek Jeter's girlfriends no longer have sleepovers with her.

5) She shoulda worn this shirt instead:

(Retail price [Times Square]: $6, two for $10.)

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