Tuesday, July 17, 2007

GAME NINETY TWO: You got K'd, son.

Hey, Kason, there's no need for that. I like you, in concept: drafted in the deep double digit rounds, a veteran in the system at 25 (just a year and a month younger than me, which makes any rookie sympathetic to my quickly-aging leather ass), Gabbard gets ground balls with a nice sinker. Last night he even struck some Royals out on his way to a complete-game shutout, an impressive game against any competition. (Kansas City is 19th in the majors in runs scored: not great, not shabby.) Whatever value you contribute, as a starter or maybe a long reliever, is nice, with whatever team you may ultimately land with if the Red Sox can trade you for value. I'm not a hater. I'm a hoper.

What I was hoping for is that Clay Bucholtz would rushed up to the majors for a cup o' coffee start, or that Jon Lester was pitching well enough in Pawtucket to get promoted already. Instead, Clay made his AAA debut yesterday (not great numbers, but he looked pretty good), and Lester is walking a ridiculous number of batters, 4+ per 9 innings. As a friend of mine put it, he needs to put the CAN back in CAN-cer recovery.

But Kason, you proved me wrong for a start. My bad. I won't miss you when Curt finally takes his slot back in the rotation, but I won't mind seeing you again either, in Boston or elsewhere.

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