Wednesday, June 20, 2007

FYI: Schilling's shoulder.

If you've got a few bucks to spare and love baseball, Baseball Prospectus is worth the investment; the annual $35 subscription will change the way you see baseball, and I'm not even a stathead. And having given that of the non-statistical reasons is Will Carroll's Under The Knife column, the best injury news available anywhere; with the Schilling story, I thought some people might want some stolen content. Carroll on Schilling:

After a start that was as bad looking as they come--full of altered mechanics and reduced velocity--Schilling was sent back to Boston for an MRI on his pitching shoulder. Terry Francona was a bit circumspect in his comments regarding Schilling, saying only that he "had trouble getting loose." Sources have been equally opaque, which is not often a sign of whether something is good or bad, but just that it's being taken seriously enough to visibly tighten the circle around information. Early reports from the Boston Herald say that the MRI found no damage, but Schilling's top reading on his last start was in the high 80s and the ball didn't seem to have its normal movement, making us wonder whether reduced velocity might affect his ability to muddle through. It won't be until his bullpen session--normally today, but likely to be delayed--that we learn more. Schilling does have a history of shoulder problems, but it's a relatively ancient one. His labrum was repaired back in 1995 and, stunningly, he returned to form. It's important to note that while the pitch counts of his near no-hitter and the subsequent outings were not high, it makes me wonder if he pitched on adrenaline late in games, throwing harder than he should have relative to his fatigue level when he came so close to history.

Forgot about how fucked up Schilling's shoulder was in 1995. Apropos of nothing, let's remember 1995 with one of my favorite recently-passed bands, Luna. That'll pass a few more minutes of my work day...41 minutes to go.

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