Saturday, June 30, 2007

Workinonit: David Ortiz

Author of this blog writes plays and has no idea why. Work in progress, David Ortiz is God, includes several monologues by players. This is one, in progress.

David Ortiz, a commanding presence, stands. Slide briefly displays his 2004 stats.

I can’t win every game. I can’t get a hit every time we need it. I can’t make the wind blow out or put the right fielder where he won’t catch something fat I smoke right at him. When Manny’s sitting out I can’t stop them from walking me every single time if they want. When Bellhorn or Johnny makes the last out right before I’m up, I can’t do anything. They don’t even let me play the field that often, man. I am designated to hit. I get four, sometimes three, a couple times five chances a game to help us win. Less if it’s too late. I hate losing, man, but I can’t hit no six-run homerun. (beat) If you want to play baseball, you have to learn how to strike out. Learn to take it. If you don’t learn to lose, you lose. (laughs) I didn't mean to sound all Yogi Berra there though.

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