Monday, June 25, 2007

GAMES SEVENTY ONE-SEVENTY THREE: Sox be chillin', I be illin', old material be stealin'.

A cold I thought yesterday was just a terrible hangover earned from gettin' a little too Sparked is actually a really bad cold, and I'm a little too tapped at work to write too much up, y'all. Shame, because this weekend's series with the Padres, a (cliche alert) possible World Series preview, was a very good series, featuring Daisuke again getting a win the hard way (three walks in the first inning, one run, then nothing more) and Beckett reaching 11 wins by outpitching the scary, scary Jake Peavy...the 3 runs the Sox scored on Peavy are equivalent to 7 against a normal pitcher.

So as to not make today a dark night, as the theater terminology goes, I thought I'd post something off the old blog, in light of my team name reworking from a few days ago. These are the teamnames me and my friend Matthew, currently travelling this great land, came up with for a new football league...there's already an arenafootball2, a minor league of a minor league, so I called this arenafootball3: League of DEATH! Enjoy.

Baltimore Sadness

Lynchburg Genocide

South Texas Hangmen

Boise Potato Famine

Los Angeles Melanomas

Fargo Frozen Corpse

Maine Suicide
(Matthew's imaginary commentator: "And the Suicide shoot themselves in the foot again!)

Detroit Welfare

New Haven Rubble

Seattle Slain

New Jersey Swamp Dragons*

Atlanta Arsonists+

El Paso Border Patrolmen

Montreal Contempt

Tennessee Tribulation Force

Boston Cirrhosis

San Francisco Homosexuals

Montana CarCrash

*Yeah, click that link. Truth is stranger than fiction.
+It really, really is.

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