Thursday, June 14, 2007


Well, that sucked. Curt'll tell you himself, 6 two-out runs isn't a formula for success...more like Formula 51. By the time Kyle Snyder, playing the role of Royals castoff/Mechanic in this year's bullpen, got involved, it was already a joke; Kyle just elevated it to tragicomedy of a sort. Meh.

I promised my friend Jeff from the neighborhood coffeeshop. I would make some acknowledgment of the Yankees and their rise to 8.5 back. Well, there you go. Rock on. You know it's a good year when this is what constitutes the annual Sox fan's Yankee anxiety. Of course, you know it's a bad baseball day when all I've got is a measly two paragraphs to write about it. In other words, a meh day. For real. Buy, buy, buy!

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